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AIR TRAVEL with the Rapid Diver System

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AIR TRAVEL with the Rapid Diver System

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:26 pm

Share your Travel tips here,

I pack my unit in a Pelican case (1600). Make sure that the tank is empty and valve is removed. I put a plug in the tank, there should be an extra one in the custom carrying case the unit came in. Print out the TSA letter and place it in the box. At check in, I notify the baggage handlers that I have scuba equipment and that the tank is empty and open for inspection.

Here is a link to the TSA website TSA Link

And this is the page I print out and put in the carrying case: PRINT OUT THIS FORM


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Re: AIR TRAVEL with the Rapid Diver System

Post by Bill Maley on Tue May 17, 2011 5:53 pm

This works. I have done it as both checked and carry on. Had one hassle. I left the plug (not the valve) in place when it was in checked baggage and I had to go to the "special room" with the people with guns and rubber gloves. Only lost 15 min of time. I taped the TSA letter to the cylinder with my cell phone number on it. If you can do it I would recomend carry on for the tank with the plug. That way you can remove it right before inspection and then replace it.

Bill Maley

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